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GI, GYN and GU Global Pathology Services

Our pathology services (Global GYN and GU Pathology Services, GYN Cytology, Non-GYN Cytology) address physician concerns regarding rapid turnaround time, state-of-the-art testing and accessibility to the pathologist.


Global GI, GYN and GU Pathology Services

  Our state of the art computerized anatomic pathology lab and our team or experienced lab professionals combine to provide the level of expertise and service our referring physicians demand.  We offer a full battery of special histochemical and immunohistochemical stains as part of our diagnostic armamentarium.  From the time we receive the specimen, until the diagnosis is finalized, the combined experience of our ASCP certified staff will assure timeliness and accuracy.


  Beginning with the grossing by our University of Maryland Masters Program trained and certified pathologist’ assistant, subsequent processing by our experienced ASCP certified Histotechnicians and final diagnosis by our board certified pathologists, your specimens will receive the prompt attention to detail that every patient deserves.   Our reports can be fully customizable to the needs of different physicians.  And direct interfacing with your office EMR is also possible.


  Annapath is inspected and  licensed by the State of Maryland and CMS and uses FDA approved equipment and procedures to ensure the accuracy of laboratory results.  Any non-FDA approved tests are carefully validated by the laboratory staff to ensure excellent correlation with FDA approved and validated methods.


GYN Cytology Services


  Annapath is equipped to process and interpret the Cytyc-ThinPrep™ mono-layer slides for our clients.  The ThinPrep™ method is the most commonly used method for cervical cancer screening and recognition of pre-cancerous changes in America today and is the de facto gold standard in gynecologic cytopathology.


  All pap smears are individually screened by our certified (ASCP) cytotechnologists.  Any abnormal Pap smears are reviewed by the pathologist, in addition to a percentage of normal Pap smears.


  Whenever possible, correlations between biopsy findings and the pap tests are made by our Board-certified pathologists.  To ensure the highest quality in patient care and diagnostic accuracy, Annapath strongly encourages all clinicians who perform GYN biopsies and obtain paps to send their specimens to the same lab to ensure that these important correlations be performed.


Non-Gyn Cytology Services


  Annapath provides complete processing for non-gynecological specimens including body fluids, urine, sputum and fine needle aspirates (i.e. thyroid, breast, etc.).

  Testing includes our ThinPrep™ techniques, which helps assure cellular detail and preservation.  In addition, if necessary, we can use our extensive immunohistochemical resources for diagnosis.  Our experienced cytotechnologists are supervised by a board certified pathologist with extensive cytology experience.

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