Annapath Pathology Services is dedicated to providing New Jersey physicians and patients with dependable diagnostic and health monitoring services. Our goal is to assist clinicians in providing exceptional care to their patients by delivering fast, precise results through our skilled pathologists. We believe in being a true laboratory, lifecycle partner that grows with physicians and helps to boost medical practices’ revenues by offering in-house pathology services. We take pride in our reliable care for every sample, focusing on the patient and the clinician’s needs. We are committed to delivering accurate and complete results promptly. Furthermore, easy access to results is provided to our clients, helping to ensure that they can take informed action in a timely fashion.

In-House Pathology Lab

We offer lab design, management and monitoring services to clinicians in New Jersey who wish to provide in-house pathology services.

Our New Jersey Lab Services Include:

Global pathology services – process and diagnose Dermatology, GI, GU, GYN, and general surgical biopsies, and non-GYN cytology specimens for New Jersey physicians and patients.

Technical Pathology Support – We provide the technical component or professional component services. Services include:

  • courier pick-up
  • grossing processing
  • cutting
  • staining
  • cover slipping
  • labeling.

Our top priority is handling all of the technical aspects, freeing up pathologists to concentrate on delivering exceptional professional services that lead to increased referrals.

Lab Design and Management – Annapath is a trusted lab services provider with a team of expert healthcare professionals. Their CLIA-certified pathology lab design and management services cater to urologists, dermatologists, and gastroenterologists. This enables clinicians to implement laboratory systems that increase efficiency, improve patient care, and provide personalized service. Annapath’s ancillary services help bridge the gap between healthcare and laboratory services resulting in improved patient care. Their extensive experience and expertise make Annapath a reliable partner for healthcare providers looking to enhance patient care.

Certified and Licensed Laboratories

See the CLIA Certificate of Accreditation and CAP Accredited for our Virginia lab. Our Maryland lab has CLIA Certificate of Compliance and DHMH Medical Laboratory Permit certifications.

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