COVID-19 Testing

Individuals can schedule a visit to our Annandale, VA testing location. For larger groups, we can arrange on-site COVID-19 testing at your office, school or organization.

Arrange On-Site Testing for Your Group
We serve government agencies, private businesses, schools and other groups across Maryland, Washington, DC and northern Virginia. Call us at 301-352-6100 or send an email to

On-Site Testing for Your Group

How it Works

What Tests are Offered

Active COVID-19 Infection Testing – Annapath uses a technique called PCR which is known as the gold standard for COVID-19 infection tests. Test results are faxed or uploaded to you or your physician within 24 to 48 hours of collection. A diagnosis can help you and your healthcare provider make an informed decision about self-isolating and taking other precautions to protect others from infection.

Antibody Testing – We do not currently offer an antibodies test to determine if you already recovered from a prior infection.