Looking for an accurate, reliable, and convenient way to get your or your patient’s COVID-19 test performed? Annapath Pathology Services has the answer. Please fill out the COVID-19 test form below. 

Thank you for filling out the COVID-19 test form. How does the test work? COVID-19 antigen test works by analyzing swabs from the buccal mucosa. This process is quick and easy and only requires swabbing the mucosa of the inside of the cheek for about 60 seconds. The swab is then placed in a preservative tube and is ready to be tested.

Talk to your doctor about how he or she prefers the sample be obtained. We can provide test collection kits to your healthcare provider. If the cheek swab is performed at your doctor’s office, Annapath with pick-up the samples. Also, you can come to Annapath lab located in Annandale, Virginia during our normal business hours and we can perform the swab for you. Just remember to bring your doctor’s order for the COVID-19 test and also don’t forget to bring your picture ID and insurance information. Once the samples are received at our lab, they will be analyzed using a technique called PCR, the Gold Standard for COVID testing. 

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) can amplify and detect countless different genetic materials. In the case of COVID-19, if genetic material that is unique to COVID-19 is present in the sample, the PCR machine will amplify and detect the viral RNA. Detection of the amplified COVID-19 RNA means the sample is positive.

Polymerase Chain Reaction test-PCR

Results of your test will be automatically faxed or uploaded to you or your physician within 24 hours of collection.

If your organization, business or school needs COVID-19 testing done for a large group, Annapath will work with you to simplify the process. Annapath will make the process quick, efficient, and most importantly, safe by bringing our team of medical professionals to you to collect the specimens.

Contact us in Maryland at 301-352-6100 or Virginia at 703-260-6363 and let us know how we can help. Or contact us via our website at www.annapath.com.