We perform the lab tests your physician depends on

We play a critical role in your care by providing pathology tests and the laboratory examination of tissue, blood and urine samples from your physician. Our lab reports are provided directly to your doctor and our pathologists are available to consult with them as needed. We cannot release your report to you, only to your clinician. This is to protect your privacy.

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  • If you receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company and don’t understand it – call us for explanation.
  • If you think you have received a bill in error, please call us: 301-464-0603

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Understanding your Annapath Bill

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Sample patient invoice for pathology tests
Pathology tests sample invoice


Annapath is the independent laboratory that partners with a variety of specialists located in the Maryland and Virginia area including: Dermatologists, Gastroenterologists, Gynecologists, Plastic Surgeons and Urologists.

Depending on the specialist you recently saw, you may be billed for any of the following services: Technical Component or Global Pathology work performed on the biopsy received, a urine culture or blood work.

We are located in both Bowie, Maryland and Annandale, Virginia but you may not have physically been to our lab. Our drivers pick up the specimens directly from the facility or doctors office where you had your procedure.

The Date of Service on the statement is the date you saw the referring doctor, who requested lab work that was performed by Annapath.

Our statement will print out your primary insurance name only but your statement is generated only after all insurances have processed our claim. You may always reach out to us to confirm and/or to provide any other policy information that you may not have provided to your referring provider.

Your insurance is active for the date of service, your information is up to date (personal information, coordination of benefits, etc.) and you provide all current insurance policies that you have and the policy holder information.

Review the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for the details that can help you understand the reason for the denial. Your insurance company’s member services should be able to answer any questions regarding claim denials.

Every insurance has their own claims processing time frame but most insurances finalize their claims within four to six weeks. Once your insurance processes our claim, you will receive an explanation of benefits from them informing you of the amount it will pay for your lab services. This EOB is not your invoice but it will indicate your coverage and the out-of-pocket amount due. In addition, your insurance will also notify Annapath of the balance you owe and we will mail you a statement.

If you have questions, contact Annapath at 1-877-9AN-PATH