Physicians SERVICES-Lab Design Management

Annapath's team of laboratory professionals can help you design, implement and manage a lab of your own

For clinicians (urologists, dermatologists, and gastroenterologists),

who are thinking about starting their own physician-owned CLIA certified basic pathology lab as an ancillary service to improve patient care, Annapath’s team of laboratory professionals helps you design, implement and manage the lab.

For larger clinician groups, in-office pathology services can provide benefits for patient care and contribute significant value to the practice. Our professionals know how to navigate the complex endeavor; establishing a lab requires careful analysis and planning, attention to a myriad of technical, regulatory, and billing details, as well as prudent management of people and resources.

Annapath offers experienced lab professionals who can assess your situation honestly and carefully to help you decide whether in-office pathology is right for your practice. If it does make sense, the Annapath team can help set up your lab and ensure that you meet all regulatory requirements and maintain CLIA compliance. Annapath can also help you staff your lab and keep it operating smoothly and efficiently over time.

If you desire to discuss this option further, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at
(301) 352-6100 or click to Ask us a Question.