Technical Pathology Support

As your lab partner, Annapath provides your technical component or professional component services

For clinicians (urologists, dermatologists, and gastroenterologists),

who are considering adding in-office professional pathology services to their practice (TC/PC model). Annapath has a long history of helping its clients navigate the TC/PC process with abundant local references available to any practice considering this option. It begins with finding the right pathologist to match your needs. Secondly, guidance with submission of the correct CMS forms and the compliance process. Annapath provides the needed technical pathology services. In short, we will help get your practice up and running quickly and effectively.

Technical Pathology for pathologists / dermatopathologists,

who wish to provide their own professional interpretive services in an outpatient setting. Annapath can bridge the gap between pathologists and clinicians by offering arrangements for technical pathology services. Most importantly, this allows pathologists to concentrate on providing their professional services for their clinical colleagues and reclaim some of the work that had been lost to commercial labs.

By providing technical pathology services, Annapath can provide the dermatopathologist or other pathologists with the H&E slides and special immunohistochemical and histochemical stains necessary to diagnose and sign out his/her surgical cases.


Pathologists can access our secure LIS online to access reports any time via simple and easy to use proprietary pathology software. Annapath takes care of every technical detail, allowing pathologists to focus on providing professional services and earning referrals.

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